Taking Steps Toward Discipleship

We believe a disciple is an individual who has placed their faith in Christ alone as Lord and Savior. Turning from a life of sin, denying self, seeking and striving wholeheartedly to become like Christ!

Below, we've broken the journey of discipleship into four stages. Each of these stages provides goals, motivations, and transformational indicators to facilitate your growth.

What stage do you feel you belong to?



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From Curiosity to Christianity

A disciple who has completed this phase will understand that while they were sinners Christ died for them. They have come to understand that Jesus Christ is God. They have accepted Him as his/her personal Savior. They have given testimony of their faith in Christ by being publicly baptized and regularly participate in personal and public worship. This disciple believes that a true follower of Christ has genuine concern and compassion for others.

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Follow me

Turning and Learning

A disciple who has completed this phase has come to understand that they must turn from the lifestyle of sin. This disciple has also decided to take on the endeavor of learning what being a disciple really is. A disciple who has completed this phase has become a "fisher of men", being intentional in building disciples. They have developed many basic Christian habits, learned their spiritual gifts and are ready to lead or serve in ministry. They prioritize obedience to Christ above all else, even if suffering is necessary!

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Be With Me

Faithful Witnesses to Motivated Ministers

A disciple who has completed this phase has become a genuinely maturing follower of Jesus. He/She is a bold and resourceful witness to the gospel, having learned to be fruitful even in the face of rejection, suffering, or sacrifice. He/She has life and ministry experience so that he/she not only walks consistently with the Lord, but has developed the character, skills, and training to lead other disciples into leadership and service.

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Remain in me

Be holy for I am holy!
Motivated Ministers to lifelong Disciple Makers

A disciple in this phase is sustaining all that he/she has gained as a humble servant of Christ completely sold out to Him and in love with Him. They exhibit the fruit of the Spirit and remind an observer of what Jesus must have been like. They are a leader of leaders or a trainer of other servants. They serve others constantly in a significant way, focused on their area of giftedness. They are reproducing themselves in other faithful disciples!

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