Cornerstone Podcast

Rev Chap 8 Calm before the storm

After our parenthetical break in Chapter 7 between the sixth and seveth seal, we see the final seal opened here and the Seven Trumpet judgments begin. John has given us a structure that he is following between the sixth and seventh judgments God is pouring out in each of the four groups.  We saw the 7 Seals, now the 7 Trumpets, we will meet the 7 Principals and than the 7 Bowls or Vials, all with breaks between number 6 and 7.
I find it interesting to see the pause between the sixth and seventh judgments as God intensifies His Wrath.  Why between these?  I think it always curious when the numbers of the Bible are so exact and always the same.  Six, the number of man… Seven, the number of God.  God allows man another opportunity to come to Him as He wants none to perish… Not one! Six… Please come to Seven, time is short!
As we see the 30 minutes of silence in Heaven before the Great Tribulation continues and intensifies… I can only speculate that as the Elders seated around the Throne, The Angels flying around the Throne and the Saints gathered all around the Thrown, a deafening silence of Awe as Jesus begins to answer the prayers of the remaining saints on earth to… Come Quickly Lord Jesus!