Cornerstone Podcast

A Mothers Eternal Impact

Proverbs 31:10-31, 1 Samuel 16:4-13, Luke 11:37-54

  1. What characteristic can we see in the proverbs 31 woman that impacts all the other characteristics?
  2. Why is reverence/awe or respect for the Lord so important?
  3. Can the Lord really help you in every situation you may deal with?
  4. Does God really care what you do with your time?
  5. Does God want you as a mother to be seeking him daily?
  6. Why would the God of the universe be concerned with what you are doing?
  7. Do you really have any impact on anyone else around you?
  8. Are you responsible for what little eyes see?
  9. Why is God concerned about what little eyes see?
  10. Are you making an eternal mark on the lives of your children, grandchildren, husband,wife and extended family?
  11. Is that mark pointing them to the cross for eternal life?
  12. Are you willing to allow God to use you?
  13. It starts with a respect for God that says I need the strength of Almighty God to help me be the mother/person He has called me to be from the inside out, are you willing to be that mother/person?