Cornerstone Podcast

3-3-13 Faith in the unseen in 2013

Sorry the first part of this podcast was not recorded but well worth listening to.

“To God be the Glory”

Luke 1:46-56,Isaiah 7:10-14

  1. What does Mary’s soul magnifies/glorifies and spirit rejoices mean?
  2. Mary is receiving the fruit of her faith why? (Isaiah 7:10-14)
  3. Is it easy to believe words written in the bible?
  4. What has God done in verse 49?
  5. Where is God’s mercy in verse 50?
  6. In verse 51 God’s strength does what to the proud?
  7. Who is exalted in verse 52?
  8. Do you know the God of Mary?
  9. Does your God do great things in your life?
  10. The God of the bible does great things, have you created your own God?
  11. Are you practicing faith in God?