Cornerstone Podcast

12-30-18, Pastor Luke Knoll, United in 2019

John 17

1. Unity Requires:
a. Surrender John 17:4
b. Selflessness John 17:8
c. Service John 17:12-14

Unity requires us to say and live the fact that it’s not about us!
2. Unity Motivates:
a. Truth John 17:17-19
b. Fellowship John 17:22
c. Transformation John 17:23

Unity motivates us to seek truth, fellowship and transformation,
3. Unity Gifts us with Eternal Purpose:
a. Sanctified (Set Apart in Truth) John 17:17
b. Sent for service John 17:18
c. Seeking to Glorify God John 17:1-4
Unity gifts us with the opportunity to do what we where created to

Be United to Christ at all costs!!