Cornerstone Youth

Cornerstone Youth Mission: Is to present the message of Christ to teens and nurture the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, thereby equipping our youth for spiritual growth and to have a powerful impact for Christ in our community our state and around the world.
Objectives: Is to place teens in the path of God daily by:

•    Challenging them with the Word of God and how it relates to their everyday life.
•    Leading them in worship, with God.
•    Encouraging them in a daily walk with God, to read and pray daily.
•    Giving them the experiences with God that take them out of their safe zone and push them into reaching out to others with the love of God through small groups, community out reaches and others actions that demonstrate Christ’s love.
•    Connecting them with Christ-minded teens, adults and older adults that will push them on to growth in Christ.
•    Having fun.
We also want to:
•    Help parents to better understand youth culture, equipping them with Godly skills to parent their teen(s).
•    Show teens how to reach out to friends with the love of God through life-style evangelism.
•    Develop life skills in teens through services and missions projects stretching their God-given talents.
Equip and empower the teens to do the work of ministry in youth group. Eph. 4:12