Small Groups

There are several small groups. Keeping the groups small is very important, having no more than 10-12 people and a moderator to help stay on track. The groups allow a great place to meet others, in a none threatening environment and  build friendships that can lead to mutual trust. You can choose the group that best fits your needs and personality. Here also we want to help you to grow spiritually by making disciples. Quite simply, a disciple is a follower of Christ. We have small groups that meet throughout the week and around the greater Kalispell area.

We believe there are 4 basic steps they are:

Step 1 Come and See. Here you find out we really do care, we accept you the way you are, then the change from curiosity to Christianity!

Step 2  Follow Me. Turning and Learning

Step 3 Be With Me. Faithful Witnesses to Motivated Ministers

Step 4 Remain in Me. Be holy for I am holy! Motivated Ministers to Lifelong Disciple Makers