A letter from Shirley Anne

After spending a year-and-a-half learning Paraguayan Sign Language (LSPY) and working with a local ministry translating the Bible into LSPY, I am now moving to very rural Paraguay where I will be working with deaf individuals who do not know any sign language. These individuals are virtually left without a language or way to have deep communication with others. Through teaching them LSPY, the desire is to teach both them and their families about the God who has created them and loves them enough to offer eternal salvation.
Pray for this work in rural Paraguay as it is a new ministry in which I have a lot to learn. Pray that this forgotten people group come to know the hope Jesus brings.

As always, thank you so much for partnering with me in what God is doing in Paraguay!

Read this article from March 2020 if you would like to understand a bit more about the Deaf population in Paraguay and their unique needs

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