Cornerstone Podcast

9-24-2018 Pastor Luke, Rescued, The Good Samaritan

“See, Go, Show the Love of God”
Luke 10:25-37
1. The Victim (Luke 10:30)
a. Could be someone in your family.
b. Could be someone you care for.
c. Is someone that God loves.
2. The Priest (Luke 10:31) + The Levite (Luke 10:32)
a. Might have been in a hurry to get home?
b. Might have been tired of helping others?
c. Failed to be God’s hands and feet.
3. The Samaritan (Luke 10:33-35)
a. Saw him, SEE
b. He went to Him, GO
c. He SHOWED the love of Christ!
i. Met his immediate needs.
1. Bound up his wounds
2. Poured oil and wine on him
ii. Transported him to safety.
1. Set him on his own animal
2. Took him to the inn.
iii. Invested in a stranger. (Matt.
iv. Provided for his ongoing care.

4. The Neighbor is?
a. When you SEE an opportunity:
i. Are you quick to SHOW Mercy?
ii. Are you willing to GO and do likewise?
Key to Transformation

SEE an opportunity, GO help, SHOW the Love of God!