Cornerstone Podcast

9-17-18, Pastor Luke, Rescued “Christ came for all!”

(Acts 10, Col. 3:1-11)

  1. Cornelius was a tough man
  2. Cornelius was a smart man
  3. Cornelius was a roman
  4. Cornelius was a leader of a roman regimen
  5. Cornelius would have been taught about all the Greek gods etc.
  6. Cornelius was supposed to be a worshiper of Caeser
  7. Cornelius prayed
  8. God answered His prayer through Peter
  9. Peter:
    1. was taken out of His comfort zone
    2. ministered to a Roman
    3. to one who is considered unclean
  10. Peter was taught the lesson we all need
    1. Jesus came for all.
    2. Jesus came to set the captive free!
    3. Jesus came showing no partiality.
    4. Jesus came even for those you might not like or might not like you
  11. Cornelius broke the mold.
  12. Peter broke the mold.