Cornerstone Podcast

6-3-2019, Dirt Suit Frustrations, Pastor Luke Knoll

  1. Vanity and vapors- In the world of, (I and Me), we find we are
    about VANITY! (Eccl. 1:2,14, 2:1,11,15,17,19,21,23,26 – 12:8)
    Fruits of vanity/control: Fruits of Surrender:
    a. Greed – I want more… Contentment
    b. Grudges – How dare you… Forgiveness
    c. Gloom – If only… Joy
  2. Dirt suit desires lead to: (Eccl.2:1-11, Romans 8:5-8)

a. Daisy pushing purposes
b. Life waisted in the flesh is futile – dust to dust
c. Death to the flesh is eternal-The Spirit is Life

  1. Wisdom is not immortality. (Eccl. 2:12-17)

a. Wisdom for one in the flesh still leads to death
b. Wisdom for one in the Spirit is life

  1. Toil of the temporal? (Eccl. 2:18-26)
    a. The Temporal Blinds
    b. The Eternal Enlighten
  2. Ecclesiastes allows us to Evaluate:
    a. Are we vain?
    b. Are we living with meaning?
    c. Are we wasting our work?
    d. Are we chasing the wind?
    e. Are we fearing God? (Eccl. 12:13-14)
    i. With reverence
    ii. With obedience
    iii. With eternal purpose