Cornerstone Podcast

6-18-17, Serving in Seventeen, Eyes Wide Open #30, Faithful in the Process #3, Leaving a legacy of Faith

(Hebrews 11:20-28, Exodus 6:16-27, Deut. 6:4-9, 11:17-25)

  1. A blessing by faith in a covenant keeping God! (Gen. 26:1-5)
    1. A blessing through testing resulting in faith growth.
    2. A blessing given from a selfless servant’s heart.
    3. A blessing given by one seeking a heavenly homeland.
  2. The Legacy of the Levites, future blessings! Believing by faith beyond their lives. (Genesis 27-50, Exodus 6:14-25)
    1. Isaac Blesses Jacob and Esau
    2. Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph
    3. Joseph references the Exodus
    4. Joseph gave instructions concerning His bones, knowing by faith God would deliver His people.
  3. Faith for a future, beyond circumstances. (Exodus 2-12)
    1. Moses Hidden for three months, placed in a basket.
    2. Moses refused the treatment of a prince and chose rather to be mistreated.
    3. Moses considered Christ above all by faith having not yet seen the Christ Child.
    4. Moses did not fear the King and left Egypt
    5. Moses by faith kept the Passover
  4. Results of Faith!
    1. A mother putting her child in a basket on a river.
    2. A man refusing the comforts of the king.
    3. A man looking for the heavenly reward.
    4. A man called of God to keep the Passover.
    5. A man called by God to lead God’s people out of Egypt.
  5. Are you a blessing to others? (Col. 3, Phil. 3)
    1. Do you encourage others in their walk with the Lord?
    2. Do you pray that others do what you want them to do or that they do what God wants them to do?
    3. Do you help others expecting something in return?
    4. Does your example lead others to Christ?
  6. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
    1. A legacy of, “I want it now”, selfishness/control.
    2. A legacy of, “I want eternal life”, selfless sacrifice/faith.
  7. Faith is allowing God complete control, selfishness seeks to be in control of self and others! Let God be in control!

Key to transformation!

Leave a legacy that points future generations to the Lord!

It starts with a heart longing for others to receive a blessing!