Cornerstone Podcast

5-5-12-Come and See (Part Three)

“C.R.I.B. Christ Really Is Best”

John 2:1-12, Exodus 7:14-21


  1. Moses ministry started when he turned water into what?
  2. Moses brought judgment what does Christ bring?  (Eph 2:8)
  3. What does verse 3&5say about Mary?
  4. Do you have a belief in Christ beyond doubt?
  5. Does your belief become your daily walk with the Lord?
  6. Verse 5-9 who touched the water pots?
  7. Why is this significant?
  8. Who did Christ reveal his Glory to at the wedding?
  9. Does verse 10 imply anything about our eternity?
  10. What did Christ manifest in verse 11?
  11. What was the result?
  12. Is Christ being manifested in you?
  13. Are you making your life and the lives of others around you bitter or better?