Cornerstone Podcast

4-29-12-Come-and-See-Part Two

“From Curiosity to Christianity”

John 1:43-51


  1. Once commissioned, did Christ waste any time to fulfill His calling/purpose?
  2. What is your purpose, are you fulfilling God’s purpose for your life?
  3. What does Jesus mean when he says “Follow Me”?
  4. What does Philip do then?
  5. Does Jesus know us, how?  (Psalm 139)
  6. From verse 49 what can we say about Nathanael’s relationship with Christ?
  7. In verse 50 Christ alludes to what type of belief?
  8. What does verse 51 say about Nathanael’s future?
  9. If Christ were to speak of your future what would He say?
  10. Does the call of Christ come with an eternal plan?
  11. God’s plan is to use us to spread the gospel?
  12. What do we need to know before we share the gospel?