Cornerstone Podcast


An Invitation from the Everlasting

John 1:29-42

  1. Who/What is the Lamb of God?
  2. What evidence outside of the word of God testifies that Jesus is the Lamb of God?
  3. How do you know that you can believe the testimony of someone else?
  4. Has God done things in your life that give you a testimony? (Give Examples)
  5. Do you believe there are other things God has in store for you?
  6. Describe Jesus according to Hebrews 1:1-4?
  7. How does this fit with John 1:36?
  8. Why did Jesus ask them what they were seeking?
  9. What were they really seeking?
  10. What are you seeking?
  11. Why did Andrew bring his brother to Jesus?
  12. Do you really want to Follow Jesus or just be a Fan of Jesus?