Cornerstone Podcast

3-10-13 Faith in the unseen in 3013

“Mighty to save”

Luke 1:51-56, Matthew 5:1-12

  1. Do you believe in the might of our Lord?
  2. Can God really help you in your situation?
  3. Do you struggle with pride?
  4. In verse 51 God’s strength does what to the proud?
  5. Who is exalted in verse 52?
  6. In Matthew 5:1-12, would you say this text about pride or humility?
  7. In our lives do we focus on us more then on the Lord?
  8. Should we be about the Lords business in our strength or in His?
  9. Are these two texts speaking of eternal or temporal truth?
  10. Where do we focus our passions on the eternal or temporal?
  11. We should have heavenly eyesight, what does that mean?