Cornerstone Podcast

12-10-17, Serving in Seventeen, kelly kosky from Kelly Kosky Ministies from S. Africa

Kelly Kosky was raised in a Jewish home, and went to school on the West Coast. Kelly ended up in Montana where he had a CPA corporation, taught at a college and was a financial adviser to the governor. He also maintained a Christian financial ministry and had an itinerant Christian seminar ministry.

Kelly says that it was while he was doing a Christian leaders’ conference in the West Indies that the Lord showed him His broken heart for the lost. Kelly realized that there were many who have not yet heard the gospel. He was invited to minister in Africa and saw first hand the multitude of unreached people who had never heard of Jesus. Kelly knew then that he could no longer be content in his comfortable lifestyle in Montana.

In the mid 1980s Kelly, his wife Kathy and their then-five children (now they have six) moved permanently to the Republic of the Transkei in Africa to commit their lives to reaching the unreached among the Xhosa tribe. Over 20 years later, the Lord has worked through their ministry to reach tens of thousands of Xhosa people. The Lord has started over 100 Xhosa-speaking churches through the Koskys. According to Kelly,