Cornerstone Podcast

10-30-16, Surrendering In Sixteen, Eyes Wide Open #3 “Are You Listening”?

“Are You Listening”?

Hebrews 1:10-2:4, 2 Cor. 6:1-10


    1. God speaks to us through His Son Jesus Christ!
    2. God speaks of the supremacy of Christ!
  1. God clearly teaches that: (Psalm 102:25-26)
    1. Christ laid the foundations of the world.
    2. Christ created the Heavens.
    3. Christ will remain forever.
  2. God invites Jesus Christ to sit at His right hand.
    1. This is a position of power and privilege.
    2. This is a position given not taken.
  3. God reveals the full nature and duty of the Angels.
    1. Ministering spirits.
    2. Serving for the sake of those to inherit salvation.
  4. God warns us not to neglect the message of Christ!
    1. Lest we drift away (Mark 4:1-9)
    2. The message of the Angels proved reliable. (Mosaic Law) (Acts 7:53, Gal. 3:19)
    3. 2:2b all sin merits punishment.
    4. Do not neglect the salvation found in Christ.
  5. God also bears witness through the Holy Spirit!
    1. The Spirit works to bring salvation. (John 15:26-16:11)
    2. The Spirit is the difference! (Romans 8:12-17)


Keys to transformation!

The Message from God is for you!

Let’s go do something to spread the Good News!!