Cornerstone Podcast

10-29-17, Serving in Seventeen, Lights, Camera, Action, The Book of James #2 “Scattered Seed”

James 1:1

Seven Key themes of James:  Review from last week.

  1. Review of three main themes:
    1. Living out ones Faith (James 2:14-26)
    2. Being a Doer (James 1:19-27)
    3. Seeking Godliness (James 1:5,17-18,2:5,13, 4:5-6, 5:1-3)

Four other key themes found in James:

The Scattering of the Jews created opportunity for ministry! Allowing the Jews to reveal the Mighty Arm of God through:

  1. Overcoming adversity. (James 1:2-4)
    1. Adversity helps us trust in the Lord.
    2. Adversity separates us from things in this world.
    3. Adversity allows us to really fix our eyes on eternity.
  2. Taming the tongue (James 1:26, 3:5-8)
    1. Striving for a pure heart (James 1:26)
    2. Striving to bless the Lord (James 3:9)
  3. Growing up Spiritually. (James 1:3, 13-14, 4:7, 5:7-8)
    1. Spiritual growth through Testing
    2. Spiritual growth through Adversity
    3. Spiritual growth through Tragedy
  4. Revealing the power of prayer: (James 1:5-7, 4:2-3, 5:13-18)
    1. For those who believe
    2. For those who in trials consult the Lord
    3. For those who are selfless

Questions for Transformation

After looking through these scriptures and notes, give three examples of how a Christian should look at life differently than a non-Christian?

Are you applying these biblical truths to our lives?