Cornerstone Podcast

10-28-18 Rescued “God our Mighty Fortress” Pastor Luke

Romans 8

  1. We are in a battle for our souls.
    1. There are Goliaths in our land.
    2. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Our flesh can pose as a “Fortress”, only to let us down.
    1. Physical Illness
    2. Emotional trauma
    3. Selfish desires seeking to destroy us
    4. Pride that goes before the fall
  3. God longs to be our “Fortress”, our: (Psalm 18:2-3)
    1. Rock-firm foundation
    2. Refuge-place of safety
    3. Deliverer-rescuer
    4. Shield-protector
    5. Horn of salvation-Savior
    6. Stronghold-our strength
  4. For us to truly live we must die:
    1. To ourselves
    2. To this life
    3. To the desires of the flesh
  5. God our Mighty Fortress
    1. He is our mighty fortress when we surrender to Him.
    2. He is impenetrable, untouchable, forever fixed as Almighty God.