Cornerstone Podcast

10-08-17, Lights, Serving in Seventeen, Camera, Action Series Introduction #3

  1. Lights- Let the Light of Christ illuminate you!
  2. Camera- Let the Character of Christ impact you!
  3. Action- Let the Actions of Christ inspire you!-
  4. Three of Christ’s Actions: All of the New Testament!
    1. Feeding the Hungry (Matt. 15:32-39)
    2. Healing the Lame (Matt. 8:5-13)
    3. Praying for Children (Matt 19:13-15)

What does it mean to take action?

Matt. 10:34-38, 16:24-28, Mark 8:34-38, Luke 9:23-27

  • Christ asks us for total allegiance to Him!
  • The word SWORD represents a separation between believers and non-believers. (34-37)
  • We must Love God first, more than anyone or anything!
  • During Crucifixion one has to bear His own cross! The meaning here is: (38)
    • Total denial of self.
    • Complete surrender to God’s will.
    • In sickness and health service of Christ.
    • In death service of Christ.
  • Whoever finds life in what is temporary will be eternally in want!
  • Whoever finds life serving God for eternity will rejoice eternally! (Matt. 19:27-30)