Cornerstone Podcast

1-6-13 Faith in the Unseen for 2013

Faith in the unseen

2 Corinthians 4, Luke 7

  1. Why is a new year such a great time to make a new decision?
  2. Should our decisions be focused on what we want or on what God wants why?
  3. Do we always need to focus on the eternal?
  4. Should the eternal drive the temporal decisions we make?
  5. If the Lord took you home today, would you feel like you have accomplished all that God put you on earth to accomplish?
  6. Can we accomplish much with the Lord in this next year, explain?
  7. Should we have personal goals as well as collective goals?
  8. Is God concerned with the decisions you make today and this next year?
  9. How can we honor God with all our goals/decisions?
  10. Are you ready to make those decisions based completely on faith?