Cornerstone Podcast

09-04-16, Surrendering In Sixteen, Our Shepherd “Jehovah” Part #5

Psalm 23:1-6


  1. “presence of mine enemies”-Jehovah-nissi, “the Lord our banner” (Ex. 17:15, 1 Cor. 1:18-31)
  • “The Lord Our Banner”- Faith in the unseen!
    1. The Lord is on the side of the righteous.
    2. The Lord is our banner against our flesh.
    3. The Lord is our banner against the world.
    4. The Lord is our banner against the devil.
    5. Fear of God and love for God will allow the Lord to be your banner. (Romans 8:31-38)


  1. “anointest my head”-Jehovah-M’Kaddesh, “the Lord who sanctifies” (Lev.20:8, Romans 6:1-23, Matthew 10:16-33)
  • Being “set apart” for eternity.
  1. Set apart from the flesh.
  2. Set apart from the world.
  3. Set apart from the adversary and his schemes.
  4. Set apart for the Kingdom of God.
  5. Choosing the Eternal things of God over the temporary things of this world will allow the Lord to sanctify you.



Keys to transformation!

Fear God in reverence of Him!

Love God enough to forsake this world!

Choose daily to serve God!